Does this really work to keep people calm during Coronavirus???

You may not know about Oud, Oudh, or Agarwood. It is an almost unknown scent in the west a few years ago now marks the latest trends in perfumery fashion. Did you know that this type of perfume can calm people during the Coronavirus?

In fact, you may have tried some of the perfumes that luxury brands have recently released. If so, surely you want to know more about this exotic and irresistibly seductive scent.

Why should I Use Oud?

The Oud is extracted from the trees of Aquilaria. It is a species native to Southeast Asia. When some types of fungus attack the tree, it reacts by secreting a dense and dark resin, which rots the wood and degrades it, impregnating it with an intense, deep, and delicious smell. From that mysterious and corrupted wood comes the sophisticated aroma of the Oud.

The Oud has been known in Asia for hundreds of years. A few decades ago, Arab perfumers began to use it in their most exclusive perfumes. Only in recent years has it reached Europe, and its sensual aroma has made it fashionable among the most prestigious perfume brands.

Oud: A luxurious and exclusive aroma

Most oud perfumes are exclusive and limited editions, presented in opulent packaging and exquisitely designed. A luxury product, because agarwood is a very expensive and very rare ingredient.

The best qualities can reach prices close to 100,000 US Dollars per kilo. This price is much higher than that of gold. So, this woody scent is the most expensive ingredient in a perfumer's palette.

Of course, there are synthetic ingredients that approximate your scent, and most commercial perfumes use them instead of the authentic scent. Some of them are excellent, and their prices are not within everyone's reach.

In reality, Oud is one of the most expensive raw materials in the cosmetic industry. To give you an idea, a 200-year-old tree in front of the Buddhist temple of Wat Bang Kradan, in the Thai province of Trat, is guarded by the Thai army.

The reason? A group of Japanese investors offered Buddhist monks at the temple $ 23 million for the tree, suspecting that it was infected by the fungus and was capable of producing the most valuable variant of Oud: kynam or kyara. It is a sophisticated scent, with hints of woods, musk, and fresh flowers. It is very intense yet relaxing.

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It is an oud resin extracted from a tree called aquilaria or agar, native to Southeast Asia. When the trunk of that tree is infected with the parasitic Phialophora fungus , it produces a very dark and extremely perfumed resin to defend itself.

However, only 2% of the agar species produce such a resin. So, it is a very precious material. The longer the tree is, the higher the quality of the Oud that can be extracted from its resin.

Values ​​associated with it are Intensity, voluptuousness, relaxation, sensuality, sophistication, exoticism, omnipresence, luxury, maximalism.

Do you want to try the Oud? Ask us when you order your oud perfume here. Along with other exclusive ingredients, we will include a few drops of authentic Oud that will make your fragrance a unique experience!