Dubai Perfumes

Why Dubai Perfumes And Colognes Are So Popular Now

Dubai perfumes conquer the world. However, this is not because the noses in the west have become used to traditional oriental perfumes and oils.

Rather, globalization has begun at the fragrance manufacturers. Their offer has changed. Gone are the days when the essences that smelled unpleasant for the western sense dominated Arabian producers of perfume products today rely on lighter fragrances.

Why Dubai Perfumes are Popular

Fragrances have always played a major role in the region. The production of fragrances, incense, and perfumes is one of the oldest trades on the Arabian Peninsula.

Also, these traditions are an important part of oriental culture. Frankincense is the most common fragrance that is used throughout the Muslim world. The fragrance resin is part of many creams or perfume mixtures. Sandalwood, myrrh, saffron or rose petals are also often used.

Well-known companies in the region include Ajmal (since 1951), and Rasasi (since 1979) from the United Arab Emirates have exported their products to over 30 and 50 countries.

Arabian Flair For The World

But not only companies from the Gulf States sell fragrances with an Arabian flair. Western companies have also jumped on this train.

For example, Aramis has the "Calligraphy" perfume or Serge Lutens, the grandmaster of fragrances, the Arabie fragrance, all of which use oriental colors. The company Swiss Arabian, founded with the Swiss fragrance giant Givaudan, also relies on the exotic of the Orient.

According to industry experts, the global market for perfumes is estimated to be around $ 40 billion or almost 1.3 billion items sold in 2014. Europe accounts for almost 50% of the market volume, the Gulf region around 20%.

Popular Dubai Perfumes Al-Haramain Oud

Centuries have passed since the first perfume fumes in the air, and for nearly half a century, the two holy mosques have preserved the burning flame of perfume. Al-Haramain is one of these amazing perfumes; it renews your mind, body and soul, and keeps you going all day.


SHUMUKH smells like musks, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang, patchouli and sandalwood. It also sports certain woody notes that only accentuate the intensity of this Arab perfume. People say that it remains in the skin for up to 12 hours and in clothing for up to 30 days.

The luxury of this perfume is not only hidden in its composition but also presented in its bottle. It has an imposing 3-liter container decorated with precious stones (more than 3,500 diamonds, pearls, topazes, gold of 18 carats, and pure silver).  The perfume is decorated with endless jewels, including diamonds.


The confluence of the amount of perfume and the exclusive and superb decoration of its packaging makes this perfume the most expensive in the world.

The price of this Dubai perfume is jaw-dropping. SHUMUKH is worth more than a million dollars. Indeed, it costs 4 million 720 thousand dinars in the United Arab Emirates which, in turn, becomes 1,154,709 euros (or almost 1 million 300 One thousand dollars).