How to pick a perfume

How to pick a perfume to wear on your date

Perfumes are complements of outfits. Even if you don't believe it, you can make your outfit have more momentum. You will wonder how? And, if you have a romantic style, then a sweet aroma can take to the sky whoever smells like you.

So, since we want date to be a success, we provide you some practical tips so you know how to choose the ideal perfume.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Perfume For You
Keep in mind your personality

The fragrance you are going to choose must be related to your personality. There are sweet, fresh, intense, floral and subtle smells. So, choose taking into account your way of being, do not get carried away by advertising or the suggestions of others. On we have the fragrance notes in the description.

You should choose the perfume yourself

Although your best friend knows you from head to toe, it is better that you choose the fragrance yourself.

Choose the time to buy it well

You must take your time when buying. Do not be rushed, evokes emotions and what you want others to remember about you when you feel your scent.

Consider the durability of the fragrance

It is recommended that the fragrance you are going to buy has durability. Many perfumes smell until after a super long day. We test all of our fragrances for durability.

Pay attention to the components

Even if you don't believe it, it is important to know the ingredients, because that way you will know if they can stain your clothes, cause skin rashes or even headaches.

Choose depending on the occasion

Many of us have perfumes to use for each occasion. So, if you have a Valentine's Day outing, we recommend choosing a soft fragrance with sweet or floral notes. Of course, try not to overdo it. With a few touches, it will be enough.

How To Choose A Perfume For A Valentine’s Gift
For her
  • Usually, the best ones are a fresh and sweet fragrance at the same time. For example, essences such as pineapple, strawberry or passion fruit combine addictively with lilies, orchids, and peonies.
  • Choose one that combines the sweet notes of musk or waterlily with the sexy note of bergamot to create an essential perfume for a date.
  • You can opt for one that contains bergamot, vanilla, or mimosa that come together to create adorable fragrances that capture the feminine and youthful charm of a first date.
  • Aromas such as truffles, tuberose, or amber help create an elegant aroma. If it is combined with bergamot, vanilla and jasmine, it also acquires a sexy and sweet touch.
For him
  • Choose fragrances in which top notes are melon, tangerine, and cucumber. The heart notes: basil, sage, and geranium and background will be musk, wood and suede. Man will love this masculine and youthful smell.
  • Something stronger like the abrotano, lavender, mint, bergamot, and cardamom, which together with the orange blossom and cinnamon, will give you that strong and vibrant touch as your personality.
  • If you prefer something cooler, you can use a fragrance with an aroma of orange, lime, tangerine, jasmine, bergamot, freesia, marine notes, peach, hyacinth, jasmine, rosemary, and alone and with amber base notes, oakmoss, cedar and white musk
  • If he wants to leave a strong memory but not overwhelm, then look for a fragrance whose notes of departure are lavender, sage and bergamot. Heart notes iris, amber and cocoa. Base notes: vetiver, patchouli and leather. You will remember his scent and this special date.

We hope that these tips help you choose the perfume. Leave a comment below if you have additional tips for choosing a lovely perfume!