London Oud

The Luxurious Scent of London Oud 

Strictly speaking, Oud perfumes have been around for over 2,000 years. But what does it smell like? Is London Oud the best Oud perfume in the USA?

 What is London Oud? 

Oud fragrances have a long history. Let’s start from scratch.The people of Arabia started to create an aromatic smoke 2,000 years ago. This aromatic smoke intends to smell good and delight the opposite sex. Centuries later, the fragrance also reached Europe, where it has been a real insider tip for several years.

But what is London Oud? London Oud is a fine fragrance oil that is obtained from the resin of the agarwood tree, which grows mainly in Southeast Asia. However, that alone is not enough. London Oud only uses high-quality wood from the tree, which occupies a certain mold. Only then does the resin get its popularity. London Oud-typical fragrance is a high-class perfume. For a kilo of fermented, purified resin, the price quickly rises to up to 50,000 euros.

The further the parasite infestation has progressed, the higher the quality. It means that the resin also becomes more expensive. The dizzyingly high price of the raw material also justifies the price retailers have to pay for a bottle. It is not for nothing that London Oud is also called "liquid gold." It is luxury liquid that you should treat yourself to!

What does London Oud smell like? 

The London Oud fragrance is not so easy to describe and is different in every perfume with Oud essence. Nevertheless, three adjectives can give you a little idea of ​​how the fragrance in its pure form smells like:

  • warm
  • woody
  • sexy

Indeed, London Oud is said to have an aphrodisiac effect on both women and men. That makes London Oud the most seductive ingredient for male and female fragrances.

Fun fact: For some people, London Oud actually smells musty and old. In fact, Oud means "old" in Dutch. In the course of history, a Dutchman had his hands in naming the fragrance.

With which combination does London Oud smell best? 

A popular fragrance combination is with vanilla. The sweetness of the vanilla harmonizes perfectly with the woody scent of London Oud.

The same applies to the combination with rose. Patchouli and spicy bergamot also skillfully complement the fragrance. London Oud is also increasingly used in molecular fragrances. The fragrance molecule in London Oud belongs to the so-called "cuddle molecules" - another reason for London Oud's aphrodisiac effect.


London Oud is the Top Brand Oud in the USA 

Some people admit that at first, they have to get used to the very-intense fragrance of this perfume. New users find them very smoky. London Oud is the one that stands out among other Oud fragrance, probably because it was the most developed for the mainstream.

The other London Oud scents are a little too intense for a few people. In the end, a fragrance has to fit the person. Sensual, aromatic, sexy: Oud perfumes are said to have an aphrodisiac effect. In the beginning, it was more men's fragrances that relied on the previously unusual fragrance, but nowadays, oud fragrance is also popular for woman.